Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday!

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

Five-year anniversary of The Single Feather It’s hard to believe but it’s been five years since The Single Feather was first published and in the current state of lockdown, the themes of the book – isolation, the loneliness of some elderly and younger disabled people as well as the need for community and a functioning society which works for all - are still relevant, unfortunately. When I was planning out the book, my main worries were the divide that was growing between people who on the surface seemed so far apart yet if you unpicked the issues were actually a lot closer. I was also extremely worried about the impact of benefit cuts, caps and so on for disabled people and how this would lead to deaths. With these big issues in mind, I wanted to tell a story of resilience, of hope, of how a seemingly disparate group of characters, could come together to form a community. That is how The Single Feather was born.

I was so pleased so many people ‘got’ the book and the Amazon reviews, which often are so detailed really do make me tearful, in a good way of course. I’m also still getting emails or other types of messages from people discovering the book now, after five years! So, mixed feelings on this 'celebration' as I wish this book wasn't still relevant (if not more so) now.

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